Luxury Italian Majlis Furniture

Majlis, an Arabic term for “council” is commonly used to refer to a space within your home where you would receive your guests or gather around as a family. At Modenese Interiors, we offer an exclusive range of custom-designed Italian furniture to add a touch of elegance and class to your majlis setting. From Arabic majlis sofas and rugs to decorative chandeliers, each our offerings come with a classic Italian touch and sophistication. Each of our furniture pieces are made from either hardwood or solid wood and further enhanced by gold or silver leaf applications. Our team of skilled Italian Artisans strives to render a classic Italian touch to each piece of majlis paraphernalia we create to enhance its value further.

Arab culture, in general, is very warm and receptive. The idea of a majlis design came about from this line of thought, and most luxury Arab homes come with separate spacing where they treat their guests. Our designs have been created by understanding the primary function of the spacing and by staying true to age-old traditions. To know about the design set that we offer or to inquire about a custom request, reach our team using the Enquiry form.