Luxury Fortepiano

A luxury fortepiano showcases the development of pianos from as early as 1700, invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori. There were no two pianos built in the same way. This change in designs was due primarily to the piano's origin, as well as to builders who were constantly developing new methods and techniques. At Modenese Interiors, our traditional Italian craftsman, ensure high-quality materials are used when manufacturing our luxurious range of pianos. Each piano is unique and designed meticulously, as per our client's requirements. We typically use hardwood and further laminate it to ensure strength, stability, and longevity.

Exceptionally designed variations will make this elegant instrument enhance the interiors of any space. It guarantees a lasting experience of an unrivalled musical excitement. It is used for both recreational and display purpose. We can have the instrument elaborately designed in gold and silver leaves or hand-crafted wooden carvings. Clients have the liberty of choosing everything, right from the design to the angle of the legs, the bench, material, and color. A piano should to be both durable and affordable, and we bring a combination of these at our store. As the design of pianos have evolved, it becomes a one-time investment, so we ensure it is made with indomitable quality. To have a piano customized to your preference, fill in our inquiry form, and we will have someone available from the team to attend to you.