Italian Home Theatre Furniture

Each furniture piece can be custom-made as per the client’s preference. We use high-quality wood and built-in soundproofing panels when creating your Italian style home theatre. Our in-house experts can design turn-key projects, satisfying even the most demanding clients, and pay utmost attention to details using cutting edge technology. To have your own customized Italian home theatre furniture, fill up our inquiry form, and the team will assist you with all your requirements.

The reclining chairs are a perfect mix of comfort and attention to details. It uses thick stitching and ergonomically designed cushions. The design of these Italian chairs’ forefront arm can be enriched using decorative materials such as ebony, wood, marble, or metallic gold. They can be further customized to accommodate cup holders, USB port, or a bar unit rising from the center of the arm. The versatility in design is what makes it so unique. Choose from wood, leather, velvet, or other bespoke material to cover your Italian styled chair. You also get to pick your type of layout; curved or straight rows, including the type of seats – single seating or daybeds. If you are unsure of the design and layout, we have a range of design options to showcase for better understanding.