Production process


The production process starts from the material selection. The furniture production at Modenese Gastone implies a careful selection of high quality wood and an accurate wood processing work of our artisans.

Only the precious wood species are used in the production: noble types of cherry, walnut, oak and ash-tree; also for inlays and veneer exclusively selected materials are used: radica (the part of the tree close to the root), walnut, ash-tree, mahogany that make the furniture surface elegant and refined.


At the next stage our experienced cabinetmakers prepare the raw hand-carved furniture items. The whole wood-carving process is entirely handmade and is carried out with the use of traditional carpenter’s tools.


See the video about the hand wood carving proccess at the Youtube channel of Modenese Gastone


On table tops, anterior surfaces of consoles and other parts of furniture charming marquetry inlays from various materials are realized: little pieces of different types of wood, marble and mother-of-pearl are inlaid into the wooden surface composing a lavish palette of colors and variety of wood textures.

The carving and laying inlay technique is called Marquetry and is performed manually. Afterwards the inlaid surfaces are polished, smoothed with a special paste and placed under a heavy press for 2 days. The wooden furniture is ready for finishing.


Watch the video about the marquetry wood inlay technique at the Youtube channel of Modenese Gastone


The prepared unpolished carved wooden furniture pieces are passed to the varnishing workshop. When coloring and finishing the furniture compositions with special spray diffusers the craftsmen make sure that the color is as much as possible equal to the finish sample chosen by the client. The lacquered furniture proceeds to the drying stage.


It’s time to add some splendor to the furniture with the use of gold, silver, bronze and other types of leaf. As the whole production process the gilding is done manually: the craftsmen apply a special glue on the decorated surface and cover it with a fine piece of gold (silver etc.) leaf. Afterwards with a special stiff brush the tiny pieces of gild are knocked into the wooden surface. According to the amount of shine and the density of golden decoration desired by the client the artisans use from 2-3 up to dozens of gold leaf layers in this procedure.


See the video about gold leaf application at the Youtube channel of Modenese Gastone


At the next stage of furniture decoration at Modenese Gastone our artists, graduates of the Venetian Academy of Fine Arts, manually paint the furniture realizing the most innermost dreams of the customers. Traditional Venetian pictorial scenes appear on the wardrobe doors and lively flower patterns blossom out on the table tops. Our artists would draw whatever the client requests on the furniture surface. What about your family emblem on the wall panels in your private office? 


Watch the video about hand painting process on the Youtube channel of Modenese Gastone, click here to find out which painting techniques are used by the Modenese Gastone artists.


After the lacquering and all the decoration stages sofas, armchairs, poufs, chairs, bed headboards and also wall panels get upholstered with high-end fabrics. Afterwards all the furniture passes through 3 quality control phases. 


Click to visit the virtual upholstering workshop at the Modenese Gastone factory. Sofa padding and cushioning

See how the quality control process is performed.


The finished furniture compositions are packed in solid, shock-proof and damage resistant

materials and get prepared for shipping.

The wood quality, the particular furnaces for paint drying, the artisanal processes of carving, woodworking and proceeding and the accurate work of our craftsmen and artists is the guarantee of the highest quality of the final product of Modenese Gastone!