Venice in the times of Serenissima was known all over the world thanks to the Silk Road with its weavers and traders. Modenese Gastone has never betrayed the traditions: nowadays the company closely collaborates with 100% local Italian manufacturers of luxury fabrics.
Even the most picky clients find their perfect fabric in the collections of Modenese Gastone: it’s simply impossible not to find it among a wide variety of structures, tints and styles and a countless amount of brocade, silk, velvet, moire, gobelin, microfiber, leather, delicate and coarse, unicolored and patterned fabrics.
The owners of restaurants, hotels and cafes, in their turn, together with architects and designers who work on contract projects appreciate the fabrics from Modenese Gastone collections for their fire- dirt- and wear resistance, easiness in maintaining and, mainly, an optimal value-for-money ratio.
The fabrics of Modenese Gastone appeal with their elegance and simplicity, their naturalness and the iridescent play of colors.