In the last decades for the wood finishing process Modenese Gastone goes on choosing decidedly innovative and harmless materials. The wood is being elaborated and impregnated with non-toxic vanishes and colors.
A special thinner not only filters through wood fibers to emphasize the grain, but also is eco-compatible and creates a protective layer on the furniture. An essential role in the wood finishing process is played by shellac that is traditionally applied with a cotton or linen cloth by swirling it. For a smooth and fine silken effect the artisans polish the wood surface with a refiner stone with a drop of a light straw-color oil on it. The final step includes the use of beeswax with an essence of turpentine oil that gives a perfumed fragrance and a velvety touch sensation to the wood.

There are finishes for all tastes among the samples offered by Modenese Gastone: lacquered walnut and cherry, craquelé , decapé, aged and patinated, sponged and brushed finishes, samples with woodworm effect and many others. And for those who prefer standard colorings the factory offers a color chose from the international RAL scale.

As all the other production stages the wood furniture finishing process at Modenese Gastone is entirely handmade, that’s why the colors presented in the set of samples are approximate and far not all the possible color and decoration combinations are presented. Each of our clients has an opportunity to order an item with a completely customized finish which actually means a personal participation in creating an exclusive item – a real art masterpiece.