Dining Room

Solid-wood-one-piece-dining-table-classic-style-Villa-Venezia-collection-Modenese-Gastone.jpg - Sala da pranzo in noce con tavolo intagliato e decorazioni in foglia oro
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Walnut dining room with inlaid table and gold leaf applications

Classical-dining-room-and-grandfather-clock-Villa-Venezia-collection-Modenese-Gastone.jpg - Sala da pranzo con tavolo allungabile e intagliato
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Dining room with extendable inlaid table

Dining-set-hardwood-luxury-interior-design-Villa-Venezia-collection-Modenese-Gastone.jpg - Sala da pranzo in stile Venezia con intagli ed intarsi floreali
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Dining room Venezia style with floral inlays and carves

Dining-room-luxury-Italian-furnishings-design-Villa-Venezia-collection-Modenese-Gastone.jpg - Sala da pranzo su misura con tessuti ricamati a mano e personalizzabili
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Tailormade dining room with customizable and embroidered by hand fabrics

Home-decor-solutions-dining-room-furnishings-Villa-Venezia-collection-Modenese-Gastone.jpg - Sala da pranzo avorio con mobili intarsiati e intagliati a mano decorati con foglia oro
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Ivory dining room with inlaid and carved furniture finished with gold leaf applications

Dining-room-with-one-piece-painted-carved-table-Villa-Venezia-collection-Modenese-Gastone.jpg - Sala da pranzo con consolle traforate e tavolo in legno massello intarsiato
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Dining room with open worked and one piece hardwood inlaid table