According to the longstanding tradition from the 14 to the 17 of October of 2015 Modenese Gastone took part in I Saloni Worldwide 2015 at Crocus Expo in Moscow.

This year the Modenese Gastone team arrived to Moscow with new members: Giulia Modenese – the younger daughter of the factory CEO Renzo Modenese has joined the family business. At the moment Giulia is studying Russian language in Moscow.

An interesting and unexpected combination of styles has been chosen for the stand decoration. This is due to the fact that two new collections are being prepared at the same time by Modenese Gastone: Deluxe, luxurious and classic, and Arrogance, graceful and shaded with art deco style.

The latter one was represented by the legendary Makassar kitchen that gained popularity among the European and American clients of Modenese Gastone even before the official presentation of the collection. The kitchen presented at the stand in Moscow is made from Makassar ebony – a rare timber that comes from Sulawesi island in Indonesia. This material is famous not only for its unusual brown striped color but also for its highly strong wood structure: Makassar is one of the most resistant timbers on the planet.

Kitchen Makassar by Modenese Gastone

The Makassar kitchen is in a way a symbol of the new stage in the Modenese Gastone history: following the interior design market trends about two years ago apart from the classic models, so admired by the clients, the factory launched the production of furniture in art deco and other contemporary styles. The fair in Moscow has confirmed a high demand for these styles: the Makassar kitchen from Arrogance collections has received the highest marks of the industry professionals.

Nevertheless, Modenese Gastone has been always faithful to its basic style and, of course, has brought to I Saloni Worldwide 2015 also the items from the new classic collection: an upholstery set for living room and a gorgeous inlaid grand piano.

Classic living room Deluxe collection by Modenese Gastone


The mentioned upholstery set includes a sofa, two armchairs, a pouf and a coffee table. It will be included in the newest classic catalogue of Modenese Gastone – Deluxe – the presentation of which is scheduled for the 2016. Fairly linear but traditionally refined: when selecting the fabrics for these items the factory designers took into consideration the interior tastes and preferences of the Russian customers. The corporate symbol of Modenese Gastone – a tiger – on the sofa cushions and the pouf  is worthy of notice. They say, no one has ever managed to insert it so harmoniously in a flower print!


And finally, let’s pass to the masterpiece of the Moscow fair: for the second time Modenese Gastone presents on its stand a symbol of confluence of the two types of art – classic design and music – and it’s a magnificent antique grand piano, restored and decorated by the factory artisans. This splendid musical instrument finished with tortoise shell and a subtle new age 3D inlay from precious wood types (guayacan, rosewood, ebony, mahogany, pear, balsamo, tulipwood and others) has created a truly magic atmosphere at the Modenese Gastone stand and became a favorite of the Russian clients.