Modenese Gastone – collezione Contemporary



The last collection launched by Modenese Gastone is the Contemporary collection. An exclusive catalogue, created specifically for satisfying the European and US audience taste for contemporary style in interior design. 

The style chosen is the Occitan one, sprouted up in the southern France, between the sea and Alps. Fresh and springy, it’s perfect for furnishing a sea house or satisfying the home-living appetite of the most romantic people. The lines are gentle: curves rule upon the corners and floral inlays enclose the solid wood as the mother’s hands envelop the little body of her son. The design is soft, fresh, as fruits. It is delved deeper the nature shapes through the comparison of pleated and upholstered fabrics, furthermore each element aims to reach the balance between rustic forms and classic forms. 

The most innovative pieces of furniture are armchairs and sofas. Spheres and spirals bloom from a solid figured base and warm colors heat the room as flowers in a garden. The art and quality of the Made in Italy held in the skillful craftsmen’s hands of Modenese Gastone

The Italian romanticism at the Europe service.