Parola d'ordine: Arrogance



Sound the charge, Modenese Gastone comes back on the field more arrogant than ever! This is the new Makassar kitchen, forged by the tropical sun and the heavy rains.

Makassar ebony push its way among the sinuous curves of white ivory and gold sparks spring yearning and overwhelm souls. Makassar kitchen is completely customizable, it has been conceived for rousing emotions of a relaxing and exotic landscape.

From the Sulawesi island to the skilled hands of italian artisans, the Makassar ebony is selected for its hardness and subtle grain. Its main feature is the typical colour, that is not black, but striped dark brown.


The Arrogance Collection will be officially presented at the end of 2015 at I Saloni WorldWide Crocus (Moscow).