The Grand Piano



A piano full of history has been revived thanks to the bright vision of Paride Modenese, designer and marketing manager of Modenese Gastone. A dream which comes true, the time has stopped and the ancient sound of the solid fir-tree sounding board hovers in the air again, but with a new balance of shapes, colors, notes. 

The skillful hands of Italian artisans, savants of a secular culture in the furniture art, gave to the piano a natural elegance. The richness of the gold inlays escorted by a ivory background with soft floral decorations, lead the eye among the light shapes. A pomp which doesn’t oppress then, and as a phoenix rises from its ashes, the ancient piano conveys the whole nobility of the materials and its profiles.

That’s how Modenese Gastone presents its vision of music and art in one single piece: a precious piano, a proud holder of the highest made in Italy quality!