La storia dell’aereo “Modenese Gastone”




Today we feel like sharing with you another insider secret of our factory’s past and the life of the Modenese family.

Not all of you know that there is an airplane with an "MG5" marking in front of the entrance to our factory. Once we already asked our Facebook followers what could be the reason for such an unexpected choise: a plane at a furniture factory. We received several versions like "the company owner likes to fly and airplanes are his passion" or "it means a handmade rise of Modenese Gastone’s business". Once again we thank a lot everyone for their creative ideas!

It’s quite obvious that „MG5” means Modenese Gastone (and for those who doesn’t know we remind that it’s the name of the founder of the company – Gastone Modenese who had his 90th birthday this year). What is not clear is how a plane is connected with furniture and who put it there.

So, let us tell you the story. The story, by the way, comes directly from signore Gastone’s own lips (you can see him in the photo above). After the II World War Gastone found an empty aircraft fuel tank in a forest somewhere close to Treviso. And he brought it in his lorry to his homeplace – a little village in Veneto region called Casale di Scodosia, where the furniture factory Modenese Gastone is located nowadays. Signore Gastone has always been a high-class craftsman and he instantly decided to make something useful out of his treasure.

So he made the wooden wings for the aircraft, painted it himself with a bright orange color with Italian flags on the fuselage and gave his own name to the airplane – MG5. Until recently the plane didn’t have a cabin, but few years ago signore Gastone improved his creation by adding a cabin and a real pilot’s helmet inside it. The latter has a symbolic meaning, too: it is a helmet that once belonged to some Russian pilot. It was brought from Moscow by Renzo Modenese (signore Gastone’s son and the current CEO of the company) when the factory started to work with the Russian market.

So this is the story. Now you know why we say Modenese Gastone means the history and carefully kept traditions of furniture production and the Made in Italy quality!