Nuova collezione – Casanova



The new collection of Modenese Gastone –  Casanova – was officially presented to public at Salone del Mobile. This is our new collection of classic luxury furniture in baroque style.

The peculiarity of the new collection is first of all the materials used: with Casanova we came to a new level of materials and we can undoubtedly call it haute couture of the interior design. Most of the items in Casanova are produced from so-called radica – one of the most valuable woods obtained from the very bottom part of a tree close to the root. This type of the wood creates an unusual natural ornament on the surface of the furniture because of a special structure of the fiber.​

The collection is also already famous for a wide usage of different kinds of inlays: made from different types of wood, marble, mother-of-pearl and other materials.

As before, we offer also an opportunity to create exclusive and individual furniture upon special requests. The in-house designers and architects of Modenese Gastone are available to find the best solutions for each client regarding the combination of colors, sizes, finishes and fabrics.

The catalogue Casanova is available to download in the section Downloads of our website.