Italian Collections of Luxury Classic Furniture

Modenese italian interior Designer and Manufacturer of classic luxury furniture

Classic Italian Furniture Manufacturer

Modenese Interiors, we design and manufacture luxury Italian designer furniture for top class residential villas and elegant residences. Established in 1818, Modenese Family has been crafting and designing bespoke furniture ranges over the last two centuries. Our exclusive collection reproduces all the style of classics furniture from Empire Royal style King Luis XIV to the classic Venetian Baroque and Roccoco furniture. We also offer comprehensive interior design service for residential, commercial, and governmental buildings. Every piece in our inventory is handcrafted by a group of highly skilled artisans using techniques that have passed down through the generations. We do provide worldwide shipping for our extensive range of traditional Italian furniture. For more information on our products and services, download our catalog or reach out to our team.

Our Range of Services

Italian Furniture Design
and Manufacturing

Italian furniture sets the standard for class and elegance. We design and customize every single piece of furniture from the wood essence, to the finishing colors to the Fabrics for Upholstery. Italian pieces stand apart due to its incredible craftsmanship of our artisan and unmatched style of our designers.

Full Interior
Design Service

Our team here at Modenese Interiors are experienced in all spheres of interior design from residential and hospitality projects to leisure and superyachts. We assist our clients for a 360 degree from the first mood board concept to the final execution drawings.

Turnkey Design
and Fit-Out

From specific custom-made interior fit-outs to outright turnkey projects, our group of veteran architects and designers can meet any design requirements and deliver successful projects. Our team of Joinery artisans will take care of every single detail of your Interiors.

Why choose Modenese Luxury Italian Furniture?

Our collection of Italian furniture is designed and manufactured with a proper sense of luxury and can turn your home into something that befits royalty. Classic Italian furnishings by nature are glamorous and sophisticated, high-end furniture, in particular, comes fitted with gold and silver gilding which provides it with an enhanced look of luxury. Italian furniture is also widely recognized as the finest in the world, furniture items such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, and bests made from the finest materials can add distinction to your interior spaces. At Modenese, we work to transform ordinary rooms into spaces of exquisite luxury.

Why Choose Modenese Interiors?

Contemporary Italian Styles

Our range of luxury Italian furniture are designed with quality and comfort in mind. We carefully source our materials to ensure the highest standards of product quality.

Skilled Artisans

We are best known for our ability to create luxury furnishings by coupling our team’s world-class artisan skills with modern machinery.

Vivid Collections

From Renaissance era to Louis XIV and Roccoco furnishings, we can provide your interior space with a makeover fit to suit the lifestyle of a royal household.

Competitive Pricing

From our integrated supply chain network to our reputation in the global marketplace, we are able to provide our custom-made furnishings from the most competitive market prices.

Distinctive Work of Art

Each of our handcrafted product is unique; customers can choose between materials from premium hardwood and metals to laminates and veneers. Custom finishes, including lacquer, varnish, and paint are also available.

Customer Service

We aim to make your life as easy as possible. During each phase of the project, our team will be on hand to guide the customer through each decision. As a team, we work together to make sure that the end result will exceed the clients’ expectations.

Italian Collections of Luxury Classic Furniture

Modenese italian interior Designer and Manufacturer of classic luxury furniture