Refined Timeless Villa Interior Design In Cambodia

Multi-level ceilings with wide ceiling cornices, stucco rosettes with magnificent shining crystal chandeliers, and wallpaper with a classic damask pattern framed by classic moldings are exquisite decor details that create an amazing classic atmosphere, elegant, light, weightless, refined, and refined. The dining room area is distinguished by a combination of splendor and sophistication. Here, comfort is organically woven into an elegant design.

Elegant and classic interior design with beautiful details in a luxurious villa - Cambodia.

Luxurious Hall Design Idea From Modenese Luxury Interiors

Modern luxury with an intellectual undertone. Such interiors are created by talented designers at Modenese Luxury Interiors. These are wonderful improvisations with color, textures, lighting and original decor. Each new project becomes an interior story of unique beauty. And the design of this villa in Cambodia perfectly combines modern style and art deco. The ideal organization of space emphasizes the advantages of architectural solutions. Each line of ornaments, each element of decoration, each piece of furniture pleases the eye and brings aesthetic pleasure.

Royal Dining Room in Classic Style

At all times, the interior reflects the owner of the house, his status, his character, his taste. And at all times, the classic style is a symbol of nobility, respectability and aristocracy. The highest degree of designer’s skill is determined precisely by his works in this style. For this design project of a house in a classic style, designers at Modenese Luxury Interiors proposed solutions that can be characterized by such epithets as elegance, grace and perfection in everything. Furniture, decoration of windows, ceilings and walls meet all the canons of beautiful classics and are the embodiment of beauty, comfort and warmth of home coziness. The interior is characterized by style and sense of proportion.

Luxury Palace Design In Cambodia

This is what luxury palaces look like. And this project of a villa in Cambodia from the design studio Modenese Luxury Intyeriors has become the embodiment of a new era of luxury. The main part of the interior looks majestic and very beautiful. The height of the ceilings extends to the entire height of the building and is crowned with a domed roof with rich decoration. The stucco decor with gilding plays with beautiful reflections under the light of a massive chandelier.

Elegance and comfort in every detail of dining room

The design of the luxurious villa reflects the atmosphere of elegance and respectability. Impressive luxurious decor of the hall and dining room. Gold in combination with light colors fills the atmosphere of the house with wonderful notes. Such a luxurious option perfectly emphasizes the high status of the owners of the house. It is quite possible to say that this is a project of a modern palace. Dining room design can be attributed to a separate direction of design art. This room in a house or apartment should fully express the status of the owners of the house, their taste, understanding of beauty and hospitality. The interior of the oriental living room impresses with lush decor.

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