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London – United Kingdom

Original solutions, interesting color combinations and the ability to create coziness and comfort. We make every effort to ensure that our projects reflect all the wishes of the customer and are implemented on time. We are not afraid of bold decisions and combinations. We know how harmoniously to combine wood and marble, gypsum and wood panels, stone and metals. We strive to show the versatility of all the used textures. Our top interior designers will make your home beautiful.

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A perfect combination of high-end quality materials combined with elegant contrasts is the world of the luxury interiors by Modenese.
Our exclusive designer solutions revive the tradition of luxury in houses, apartments or hotels.
The main advantage of our company is the creativity of the team, thanks to which it is possible to choose the right details, home décor, high-end Italian furniture, find interesting interior design solutions and create a truly unique interior design for homes. Our mission is to create a balance between functionality and aesthetics in your home.

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We are pleased to present you with a variety of options for furnishing your dining room.
Dining room furniture in London today is at the peak of popularity. This is because, in many houses, as well as city apartments, it is possible to equip a spacious place for a cozy meal. Actual today are sets of tables and chairs, made in modern styles. But the classic also remains in trend: standard chairs and stools, rectangular tables with sharp corners do not lose their relevance.
The ideal set of dining room furniture, combining all the commercial qualities and corresponding to individual search parameters, you can find on our website or by visiting our furniture showroom of stylish Italian furniture. Catalogue and the exposition are arranged taking into account the latest world interior trends:
– Tables.
– Chairs — for the kitchen and bar.
– Stools.
– Benches.
– Sets of furniture.

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The home office in the interior of this living room looks amazing thanks to the use of royal furniture. Look at these fine lines and pleasing silhouettes!
We will help you to choose Italian furniture, taking into account all your wishes. We will make a convenient project for the arrangement of office furniture, as well as carry out its delivery and installation.
All premium office furniture is custom-made according to standard and individual sizes.
Our furniture products combine lightness and natural simplicity of lines with ergonomics and the best workmanship. A wide range is designed to satisfy every taste.

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Choosing a classic interior style means choosing time-tested design techniques and methods. All the best things are beautiful in detail. We strive to make our clients stay as comfortable and efficient as possible. It is important for us not only to meet your expectations. We strive to create a comfortable luxurious interior design for you that you truly deserve.
Ordering turnkey interior design is the best solution for those who seek to get a guaranteed result and the highest quality of work.
Correctly selected details, home décor, modern technologies and the designer’s vision will help to transform any room. And you can achieve exclusivity by ordering the author’s interior design of the house from Modenese Luxury Interiors.

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