Comfortable House Design in London

Classic style in the works of Modenese Luxury Interiors each time acquires new images and new motifs. The interiors designers of this house in London, emphasized respectability and refined taste of the house owners, choosing the classical style in the interiors as the basis.

Interior design in the style of the classic reflects fashionable trends in interior design, which is inherent in the desire for aesthetic perfection and absolute comfort.

Interior design of the house in London takes into account both time-honored traditions and innovations. The classical interiors of the house have a lot of exquisite solutions, which have become the basis of exclusivity.

Traditional interior design with luxurious furniture and accessories, elegant details and fine craftsmanship from Modenese Luxury Interiors.

Classical Gorgeous Entrance Design

Elegant and sophisticated classic interior creates a solemn mood inherent in this style.
The emphasis was placed on elegant furniture pieces, natural materials, exquisite decor.
Stylish and restrained, this interior, designed by the Modenese Luxury Interiors Company, differs from stylizations, replete with details, and from the flamboyant ultra-modern trends. The style in which our project is executed is called the style of common sense, because convenience, simplicity, elegance and functionality are its main features. Not ostentatious glitter, but comfort, not an object, but a space in the focus of the traditional classical style.

Cozy Entryway Design

The design of the hallway in a classic style is characterized by elegance and rigor. This interior is distinguished by luxury, sophistication combined with comfort, and also implies the presence of the correct proportions and practical expensive items. It is better if the furniture is custom-made, taking into account all the planning nuances of a small hallway. An ergonomic option for a classic-style corridor will be a corner wardrobe with a mirrored facade equipped with lighting. Such a piece of furniture will fill the room with light and visually raise the ceiling. The room is also complemented by an ottoman, a bench or a functional seat.

Elegant And Comfortable Dining Room Area

More relaxed and incredibly elegant looks lightweight classics. Its background tones are all representatives of the warm sector of the neutral palette. Classic elements are expressed in more elegant lines. The charm of the interior is added with gilded decorative elements and glossy stretch ceilings.The dining area has a solemn look due to the dining group of Italian furniture made by Modenese Luxury Interiors company.

Bespoke Italian Dining Room Furniture

The interior of the dining room is made in a classic style. Here you can see the traditional classics: light and elegant. The dining room interior, made in a classic style, always looks luxurious and exquisite.
Ergonomics, high quality materials, exquisite shapes and proportions are the main parameters for a luxury dining room. The interior looks interesting and elegant. High-quality upholstery of the chairs, exquisite textiles on windows, stunning furniture forms help to create a truly prestigious and respectable interior, filled with style and comfort.

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