Classy Living Room Design With Italian Furniture in London, Great Britain

Our designers have furnished the living room, dining room, and kitchen areas of this fantastic project. It was crucial for them to organize the furniture such that it could serve many purposes. By the window, the dining area is situated in the brightest and coziest space. Natural light enters the room through the large windows that are adorned with flowing fabric curtains. A set of sofas and armchairs, for example, are upholstered in the same color scheme as these curtains. This area’s function is to enhance the interior and, with the aid of a unique finishing, to assist divide a space into zones.

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Luxury Calm Living Room

The living room from Modern Luxury Interiors embodies the tranquility and comfort that individuals require to cope with the continual deluge of information and stress. The major goal of our designers is to maintain harmony between the newest super-fashion trends and a sense of style, taste, and personality.
This expressive living room is a beautiful illustration of how well-balanced color accents, delicate classical form outlines, and organic materials like textured wood may be combined. The availability of open space is fundamental to designing the interior of this living room. The living room’s arrangement is displayed without walls or other substantial divisions and is visually separated into zones.

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Magnificent Living Room Interior Decoration

The effective living room design by Modenese Luxury Interiors is developed in accordance with contemporary design principles and distinguished by a natural play of tones and shadows. The light hues were muted by our designers’ use of highlights on vibrant textural details. Two sofas in a grey tone with ornamental pillows, let us create a free place for a vibrant rest. Amazingly, decorative wall panels in a tree’s natural shade highlight the originality and freshness of the design strategy. A large number of incredible designed LED backlights and magnificent chandeliers made by our design and shown as hanging lamps enlighten the elegant modern environment.

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Classic Living Room Design

If you order a classic design from Modenese Luxury Interiors, you’ll get natural and luxurious materials, exquisite colors, finishing that calls to mind natural elements both to the touch and the eye, and a relaxing atmosphere that welcomes guests with soft architecture, curvy fashionable furnishings, and delightful lighting. The ceiling in the traditional living room from our design and architecture studio emphasizes the center, which is enhanced by the magnificent designer chandeliers installed there made of pricey crystal with imitation candles and elegant crystal pendants framed by a stucco decor in the shape of a rosette. The entire perimeter of the ceiling is decorated with ceiling stucco as a complex pattern and borders, which are used in pairs.

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Luxury Classic Furniture For Living Room

The living room design by Modenese Luxury Interiors has respectable wall panels with gold-plated ornamentation that give it a colonial feel and blend well with the sofa and armchairs in a grey tone on unusually curved legs with wonderful carvings. Amazing English-style consoles and a dark tea table made of pricey wood species complete the furniture selection.

The decorators at Modenese Luxury Interiors chose the curtains for the living room in a traditional style based on the interior; they are made of magnificent and noble silk in a stunning shade of grey with artistic accents in the form of lambrequins. Elegant and regal traditional curtains coordinate beautifully with the living room’s other textiles and wall color.

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