Stylish Living Room And Dining Room Villa Design


Classics are always attractive, but creating such an interior is not an easy task.
It is important to take into account the centuries-old traditions, invest a lot of patience and talent.
The classic style in the interior is most appreciated by those who have achieved prosperity. It is a respectable, luxurious and solemn style that few can afford.
The creation of an interior in a classic style poses one of the most difficult and interesting tasks for the designer – to perfectly combine luxury and sophistication of details and simplicity of lines, correctly use noble materials, skillfully incorporating modern technology into them.

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Living room – the central room of every house
The largest room in an apartment or house is always used as a living room, because this is the place where the whole family gathers every day to relax together and be in a pleasant cozy atmosphere. In addition, the living room is the room where guests celebrate holidays or other special dates.
Most often, it is the living room that is the first room that guests get into, so its interior allows you to form a first impression of the owners of the house. Therefore, the design of the hall should be approached with special meticulousness, so that everything in the room looks harmonious and at the same time it is comfortable and cozy to be in it.
Everything is important to create the right design: lighting, space zoning, combination of color gamut, number of decorative elements, but the most important element is, of course, living room furniture. Being the largest element in any room, it is the furniture that attracts the first attention of others, so its choice should be approached with special responsibility.

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Several reasons to buy classic living room furniture.
The living room is the face of your home, so the choice of furniture for it should be thoughtful and balanced. Therefore, if you do not know what is better to choose, buy separate pieces of furniture for the living room or a complete set, decorated in the classic style. Classic furniture has a number of positive qualities:

– demonstrate the refined taste of the owners;
– indicate the wealth of the family;
– original design with elaborate décor and carvings;
– attractive and functional at the same time, as they have many storage spaces;
– the classics are forever alive and never go out of style.

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Upholstered living room furniture of premium class has a presentable appearance and impeccable quality. Luxurious soft sofas can become the accent of your interior, attracting the close attention of customers and partners. High-quality upholstered furniture will create a comfortable gathering environment.
The range of luxury living room furniture presented in our showroom will appeal to those who intend to combine aesthetics and comfort. The main emphasis in the arrangement of your living room ambience will be luxury furniture of the best Italian production.

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The main feature of our offers is not only that dining room furniture can be bought as a whole collection — but also the compatibility of elements from different collections in one design thoughtful key in the same room. From classic kitchen furniture made of precious natural wood to modern dining room furniture sets for a seaside house — this is the range of our offers for your dining room.
Elite dining furniture is, first of all, completeness, quality, design and reliability. Reliability is a hallmark of designer furniture. Different shapes, sizes, colors… Made of wood or glass and metal — dining room furniture is always an assembly point for family and friends. Modenese Gastone Luxury Interiors gives you ample opportunity to choose your sacred furniture.

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