Piano Grand Piano

The piano is an invention with its roots and origins in Italy; in fact, the Paduan Bartolomeo Cristofori was the inventor of this magnificent musical instrument in early 18th century. Since then, the concept design of a grand piano was constantly improved with the most innovative methods and techniques. Today, at Modenese Luxury Interiors, our traditional Italian craftsmanship ensures the use of high-end quality materials in the manufacturing process of our luxurious collection of royal pianos. Each piano is absolutely exclusive and designed meticulously as per our client’s requirements. Exceptionally designed variations will make this elegant instrument enhance the interiors of any project space. It guarantees a lasting experience of an unrivalled musical excitement, no matter if used for recreational, educational or display purposes. A luxury piano is equal to a real jewel, a unique masterpiece.

Through a laborious restoration work, Modenese master artisans create luxury classical grand pianos using original antique mechanisms of the most famous and precious piano brands. All the pianos structures are personalizable according to your favourite decoration details, handmade paintings, finishes, wooden carvings and inlays. Each musical instrument is elaborately refined in gold and silver leaf. Modenese Luxury Furniture collection of royal pianos leaves room for new ideas to finally own your bespoke majestic luxury musical instrument. We guarantee that a luxury piano represents a one-time investment, everlasting in your exclusive palace project. Our experts will help you to choose the optimal and wonderful grand piano fitted excellently into a classic living room, a graceful hallway or in a magical music room for a breathless entertainment moment.

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